No One Likes to be Labeled … Unless you are a Product that Needs Packaging!

What do you do when you have a great product that you have created and then you need to get on on the store shelves? Well, a lot of things of course, but one important aspect is to create the packaging. Simple and easy to recognize or artful and detailed? That is dependent on the type of the product, the stores it will be placed in, and who your customer truly is. Most importantly, the packaging needs to be consistent within your established brand, or if it is a new brand, should be designed so that it can be used in a variety of ways.

Handsome Brook Farm

CMS loves to work on packaging and has had the opportunity to do so with several clients.

In this example, we will use the kids at Handsome Brook Farm. We had to find a way to create labels for 2 sizes of jars, bottles, and fresh berry packs. Add to the mix several different flavors and organic versions. Finally, be mindful of the future expansion of the products and the possibility of new products.

With this in mind, we came up with a “basic” layout of specific elements that were used in the same, or similar, way each time regardless of shape or size. Each version is specific to the flavor or type of product using different colors and art, yet, when lined up or grouped, it is obviously from the same company based on the use of the same fonts, placement of content and consistent treatment of the basic design.

And then came the eggs . . .

As the Handsome Brook Farm brand expanded, pasture raised eggs came to market and the need for egg carton packaging.

Using the element of the barn board background from the original line of products and knowing that we were going to use the actual picture of a Handsome Brook Farm chicken peeking out of the “hen house” we created the label that fits within the larger brand yet is very specific to the product itself.The desire here was not to make the label look slick, nor perfect.  These are locally-raised eggs, hand packed and delivered locally. The intention of the label was to stand out from the crowd of egg cartons on the shelf, to immediately let the shopper ecom600-1“know” these are different-not factory produced and mass marketed to the consumer. The images used are real pictures of a real live egg-producing hen and the actual side of the Handsome Brook Barn – imperfections and all (in the barn siding, not the beautiful and happy chicken!).

New in 2014 – A 6-Pack

An addition to the line of local eggs is the 6-pack. Using all the now-recognized-elements in the eggs label (Goldie the hen, the barn board and fonts) and adding a few new improvements, this packaging is on the shelves next to the dozen carton and another new eggs’ product – liquid egg whites!
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From flat to 3-D, the liquid Egg Whites layout finally comes alive!




GoldieMarch2015NYOrg The latest in the HBF Eggs line-A Whole Food’s label that is uniquely branded as Goldie’s Eggs




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