CMS Internet Solutions is far more than a web-design firm. Over the past year they have become a part of both our business, and our family. When we had an idea of opening up a bed and breakfast, and knew that we would need a web page. Sue and Craig did far more than design a website, they helped us clarify our business strategy and our business image. The vision they captured expressed who we are and what we do far better than we could have articulated on our own.

“Betsy and Brian Babcock Handsome Brook Farm Franklin NY”

Working with CMS Internet Solutions has been an extremely rewarding experience. It is encouraging to see organizations such as CMS, focus on the true needs of the customer, and work diligently towards a cooperative and collaborative positive result! I would strongly urge any organization to contact them should they require or need a state-of-the-art internet presence in our expanding virtual world. I am proud to consider them as a vital contributor to true transformational and sustainable results! Dr. Gerard F. “Jerry” Becker

We have to say that Sue and Craig did such an incredible job on our website we booked a room in our own Bed and Breakfast. They are both, as far as we feel, the best in their field. Professional, knowledgeable, full of great ideas, and overall great people. It was a great pleasure working with them, and our relationship has become not just one of business, but of friendship as well. If you need a website designed, launched, maintained, or any printing or advertising done they are the ones to choose.

Walter and Marion
Moonshadows and Memories Bed and Breakfast

Having had numerous complications with our previous web hosting over the years, we recently decided to look at someone new — preferably closer to home, rather than an 800 number! As a result, we were soon introduced to CMS Internet Solutions, or should we simply say Sue and Craig.

Sue and Craig personally came to The New Direction and got a firsthand experience at what we are and the work that we do. They clearly saw the vision that we had when we opened our doors thirty-three years ago. In a very rapid time frame, a simple, but incredibly attractive, website was born. Fresh crisp ideas with very affordable pricing.

Aside from but certainly not limited to the professionalism, knowledge, creativity and new ideas, a new Internet presence was created. What began as a working relationship has certainly grown to a working friendship. To anyone looking for a new website designer, manager, and host you need to look no further.

With Much Gratitude For Sue/Craig: Matthew and Margaret Batson, Co-Directors, The New Direction,