With the help of CMS Internet Solutions the task of updating our organizations website was by far much easier than ever expected. Sue and Craig are great at what they do. We provided them with the general information and layout we were interested in, and they ran with it. Their service is excellent and working with a local business was an added benefit; they came to our facility to meet us in person and gain a better understanding of the services we provide. Overall I would recommend CMS Internet Solutions to any business looking to update or create a website; they were flexible, prompt and very knowledgeable.

Michael Brown
Facility Relations Coordinator
Robinson Terrace

The Catskill Center is Launched!

We are very happy to say that The Catskill Center in Arkville, New York is an official member of the CMS Family! The Catskill Center is dedicated to conservation in the Catskill Mountains and Catskill Park, and to creating opportunities for communities throughout the Catskill Region.

ccdSince 1969, the Catskills have benefited from the Catskill Center’s balanced activity in Regional Advocacy, Environmental Education, Regional Planning, Arts & Culture programming, and their Invasive Species Program.

We are so honored to have been asked by the Catskill Center to re-do and improve their existing website, and happily jumped in at full speed re-designing the site to enhance their new logo and brand, improve the organization and user experience, and streamline their on-line store to make purchasing items and thereby supporting the organization a snap. We added a lot of new bells and whistles, maximizing the capability of WordPress and the ability to properly code functionality and we are very happy with the end result.

While the site will always be a work in progress with new content, information and functionality, we sure are glad to have this one “in the can.”

Welcome Catskill Center to the ever growing family!


Roxbury Arts Group Joins the CMS Family!

Just in time for the 2013 season, we have re-done the website for the Roxbury Arts Group. Founded in 1979, the Roxbury Arts Group is a not-profit, multi-arts community organization that is dedicated to cultivating the Catskill Mountain region’s artistic voice and to developing an appreciation for theater, music, film, literature, dance, fine arts, and crafts through the presentation of public performances and exhibitions; grants for artistic achievement; sponsorship of workshops; classes, lectures, and provision services to Delaware County artists.

RAGThe Roxbury Arts Group offers high-quality arts programming at our three venues, The Roxbury Arts Center in Roxbury NY, 76 MAIN! in Stamford NY, and at the Old School Baptist Church in the Denver-Vega Valley and great Summer programming for the children in our area such as dance, art, and Rock Camp. We are so honored to be working together and to help support them as they continue to enrich our communities.

The site is of course responsive, is packed with content, is feature rich to make the site easy for users and enables the public to purchase tickets for events and to make donations with just a few clicks.

We welcome the Roxbury Arts Group gang to the family and wish them a successful 2013 Season.

I was dreading yet another attempt at a website for my business, Oneonta Disc Care. Then I was introduced to Sue and Craig from CMS Internet Solutions. Sue was very helpful, cheerful and very willing to help me through the website journey. I was extremely pleased with the process and the outcome. I will recommend CMS Internet Solutions for their knowledge, outstanding customer service and quality product. Thank you so much !


Dr. Daniel Haney

Oneonta Disc Care