WIOX Community Radio

The gang at WIOX Community Radio in Roxbury, NY, asked us to help them with the printed version of their Programming Schedule. The challenge was to make the packed schedule easy to read, give each show and host equal billing, and to create an easy to update “template” that would eliminate the nightmare of changing the schedule. All this in an attractive package.

WIOX Summer ScheduleOur solution;  take the 11 x 17 size and flip the schedule side 90 degrees counter-clockwise, “centerfold” style! We then created the grid and gave each program some color so that each show block stood out among the others and every program host was identified. We took the 11 x 17 and did a four-fold accordion so the brochure would remain standard brochure size.

They are thrilled at their new standard!

Susan’s graphic work is wonderful! She “gets it” in oh so many ways: layout, color, timing, and the nearly impossible need for revisions revisions revisions. She is smart, responsive, and detail oriented beyond belief. And critically important, she has a great sense of humor. It is more than a pleasure to be working with CMS on our schedule brochures and web initiatives.

Dr. Joe Piasek
WIOX Community Radio

It is a rare blessing when a person is able to work with a business that not only has exceptional technical competency, but exceptional integrity. CMS Internet Solutions is just that type of business. Sue and Craig have been our designers from the day we first started our fledgling business over eight years ago. They designed the website for our Handsome Brook Farm Bed and Breakfast, which because of their expertise has enabled us to be at over 100% occupancy year after year.

They have designed all of our print for products and advertising – from our jam and preserve labels to labels for multiple versions of our egg cartons to flyers, brochures, billboards and more! Largely due to their design and development of our branding, we have been able to grow from a small local business to a national enterprise. I can’t begin to say how much we appreciate them, respect them, love them – and, of course, recommend them.

6-pack with die lines

A New Site for the Town of Roxbury!

Just like the town itself, the website for the Town of Roxbury, New York, has gone through many changes over the years. We have launched our version of the town site and think it far better reflects the growing and thriving town, and just in time for the 2014 Season!

Winter Scheme

This is a massive site that serves residents, visitors, and businesses so it had to present the large amount of content in a very clear and easy-to-use way. It it also updated almost daily with Agendas, Meeting Minutes, Public Announcements and more so the site was coded using minimal plug-ins and pre-coded code to keep the administration simple for the Town and the maintenance of the software trouble-free. This is also the reason for it’s minimalist design-to keep the content the focus-it is the purpose of the site after all. The entire scheme changes seasonally to be sure it reflects the town accurately and this version should last quite a long time!

We are very excited to add the Town of Roxbury to the growing list of Roxbury-based businesses that are a part of our family and look forward to working together with the staff to be sure the website works for all its visitors!

Spring colors are up!


Catskill Solar Makes the CMS Family Brighter!

We welcome the gang at Catskill Solar to our family with the launch of their new and improved site!

CatskillSolarThis is a story we hear all too often-original site was done by a web shop and the experience was horrible. Catskill Solar used a “local” web shop (you hear the slick ads on the radio around here) and quickly found out it is not a local shop, costs were through the roof, service and support did not exist, and the end product was not at all what they wanted. After fighting a long and insulting battle, Catskill Solar asked around and heard about CMS.

We heard what was originally wanted and actually made it happen-every single subtly that was “not possible.” We did this quickly, for waaaay less, and we all actually had an easy and stress free time doing it (apparently a novel idea?!)!

Needless to say, the site is now fully responsive, photo galleries are properly created and used, contact forms are simple and useful to Catskill Solar, different full backgrounds are on every page and a whole lot more that Catskill Solar was told was “not possible.”

So, we are thrilled to work together with Catskill Solar and to have been able to deliver exactly what they wanted, on time, on budget and to having a lasting and successful relationship going forward! Now that is working together in the Community 🙂