Welcome Catskill Recreation Center

The new site for the Catskill Recreation Center has finally been launched today! We are psyched to have the Center in our Family!

We were asked to create the new site for the Center with a few must-have CRCpriorities: Responsive and optimized for fast loading on slow connections 🙂 , easy to update 24/7 from anywhere, attractive schedule pages, and immediate announcement and updates on every page.

In this age of real-time communication (facebook-grr) it was imperative that any changes, closings, etc. could be made up front and easy to find since not everyone is on facebook all day. And, so many new classes and activities have been added to the Center’s line up the staff wanted to be able to easily present all of the information to new and returning visitors alike.

The approach was clean and lean-allowing the user to find schedules, info, and contact the appropriate staff member easily. Design was around the logo and the existing brand. No clutter, concentrating on function-get the info up front and easy for the user. The goal is to get more people to visit, join, and enjoy this wonderful resource in our Community. The mission is to get others in the community to tell neighbors, friends, and visitors that there is always something interesting happening at the Catskill Recreation Center!