Catskill Recreation Center

Working with Sue and Craig of CMS Internet Solutions was a positive and productive experience. Their budget and completion schedule were right on target, and the Catskill Recreation Center has a new and improved website that meets all our needs, is attractive, and easy to update. We appreciate Sue’s attention to detail and willingness to take the time to make sure everything was just exactly perfect.

Becky Manning
Executive Director, Catskill Recreation Center

Catskill Solar Makes the CMS Family Brighter!

We welcome the gang at Catskill Solar to our family with the launch of their new and improved site!

CatskillSolarThis is a story we hear all too often-original site was done by a web shop and the experience was horrible. Catskill Solar used a “local” web shop (you hear the slick ads on the radio around here) and quickly found out it is not a local shop, costs were through the roof, service and support did not exist, and the end product was not at all what they wanted. After fighting a long and insulting battle, Catskill Solar asked around and heard about CMS.

We heard what was originally wanted and actually made it happen-every single subtly that was “not possible.” We did this quickly, for waaaay less, and we all actually had an easy and stress free time doing it (apparently a novel idea?!)!

Needless to say, the site is now fully responsive, photo galleries are properly created and used, contact forms are simple and useful to Catskill Solar, different full backgrounds are on every page and a whole lot more that Catskill Solar was told was “not possible.”

So, we are thrilled to work together with Catskill Solar and to have been able to deliver exactly what they wanted, on time, on budget and to having a lasting and successful relationship going forward! Now that is working together in the Community 🙂

We have to say that Sue and Craig did such an incredible job on our website we booked a room in our own Bed and Breakfast. They are both, as far as we feel, the best in their field. Professional, knowledgeable, full of great ideas, and overall great people. It was a great pleasure working with them, and our relationship has become not just one of business, but of friendship as well. If you need a website designed, launched, maintained, or any printing or advertising done they are the ones to choose.

Walter and Marion
Moonshadows and Memories Bed and Breakfast