Delaware County Public Health Services

We welcome the Delaware County Public Health Services to our family! The re-do of this important site for Delaware County, NY, was long overdue and we were glad to work on it!

Delaware-County-Public-HealthThis site delivers a terrific amount of information that is really useful and the Public Health Services provides a wide array of helpful services to the County’s residents. We are very happy to have been able to work with the staff to better organize and present in a clean and simple manner the information that is so vital to the health and welfare of so many in our communities!

A New Site for the Town of Roxbury!

Just like the town itself, the website for the Town of Roxbury, New York, has gone through many changes over the years. We have launched our version of the town site and think it far better reflects the growing and thriving town, and just in time for the 2014 Season!

Winter Scheme

This is a massive site that serves residents, visitors, and businesses so it had to present the large amount of content in a very clear and easy-to-use way. It it also updated almost daily with Agendas, Meeting Minutes, Public Announcements and more so the site was coded using minimal plug-ins and pre-coded code to keep the administration simple for the Town and the maintenance of the software trouble-free. This is also the reason for it’s minimalist design-to keep the content the focus-it is the purpose of the site after all. The entire scheme changes seasonally to be sure it reflects the town accurately and this version should last quite a long time!

We are very excited to add the Town of Roxbury to the growing list of Roxbury-based businesses that are a part of our family and look forward to working together with the staff to be sure the website works for all its visitors!

Spring colors are up!


Cardio Club 3.Oh!

The latest version of the Cardio Club was launched today! This is the third version of the Cardio Club we have completed (Version 2.0 was a temporary re-design).cardio-3.0

It is now responsive and provides users with a lot of information that is easy to find. It also covers the addition of Viafore Family Chiropractic and LUX Nails and Spa.

The days’ classes are right in home page, and weight loss counter for the LiveFit program, and easy sign up for the Cardio Club email list. All pretty standard for today’s day and age, but these are great improvements for the Club website!