Enviro Energy LLC Re-Brand

Congratulations Enviro Energy LLC and the Miller family on the successful re-brand of your website!

With so many new products coming out to compliment the original grass fuel pellets is was time to update the website. And let’s face it, at almost 6.5 years old the site was dated at this point.

With a new suite of materials – brochures, business cards, packaging for the products, and flyers – the website completes the circle and ties all the products, the printed materials, the packaging with the new branding together.

All of this can be achieved, simply. It is not necessary to become flashy and complicated. It is a matter of staying true to what people already recognize and adding elements that are up-to-date in look and feel. Then, be consistent with how you present yourself, be repetitive in the presentation across platforms and the public will begin to associate the business name with the trusted product.

Check out the site, and look in your local stores for the EE products – Enviro Soil Enhance™, Enviro Pond Enhance™, and Enviro Grass Pellet Fuel. All made locally, for locals, by locals!

Sounds just about right to us 🙂