Get Out and Walk!

ScriptrailslogoWe were invited to create the logo, brand, website, all printed materials, advertisements and billboard etc. for a new initiative in Delaware County – Prescription Trails. “The Prescription Trails, or ‘Script Trails, initiative focuses on increasing the number of steps a person takes. O’Connor Hospital, working in collaboration with the Delaware County Public Health Services, Margaretville Memorial Hospital, Tri-Town Regional Hospital and Delaware Valley Hospital, the Cornell Cooperative Extension Delaware County, and the Rural Health Alliance of Delaware County seeks to enhance the population health and disease management initiatives by implementing Prescription Trails.”

We started with the big, long-term picture of how the brand and all potential materials will be used and a final logo was created and chosen. Then the brand went to work: website; patient materials; physician materials; printed brochures; advertisements; billboards and more.

This project launched in the first month of 2015, participating physicians have received all their materials, and we are so honored to have been chosen for this project, creating everything from the ground up, A to Z, that we are carefully watching the site stats grow and the word spread!

The site will continue to change and grow as more information for both patients and physicians is added and this is a long-term initiative that will constantly change, grow, improve and saturate Delaware County! In fact, the 2015 1,000 Mile Challenge from O’Connor Hospital had been added and almost 300 folks have registered already as of January 6!

So, we are in it for the long haul with years of working together in the future and participating in our small way to encourage everyone in Delaware County to Get Out and Walk!

It is all about our Mountains & Trails – Lark in the Park and the Catskill Mountain Club

Though we did not actually climb any mountains ourselves this year, we did help out two local organizations filled with people that hike our mountains a lot!

Catskill Mountain Club and the Annual Lark in the Park asked us to help them out with their websites to get things up and running better….

Maybe next year we will hit a peak or two-though there are plenty right outside our door!

We Hear Bells in These Mountains …

Wedding bells that is. Weddings and Celebrations are taking the Catskills by storm! And here at CMS we could not be happier to see the flurry of activity – and the business boost to many of our clients.

msfSo, we have been working together with one such client – Maple Shade Farm – to build their fantastic Wedding and Event business and we finally broke this segment out to its own website – It was time frankly, as the new business segment is all grown up now-with a fully booked 2014 season and a quickly filling 2015. Now, all the excited couples, and Mothers of the Brides have a website completely dedicated to celebrations on the Farm to go to, browse the pretty pictures of past events and get the low down on how to create a one of a kind farm/barn wedding in the Catskill Mountains. Maple Shade Farm has done a lot of work adding fantabulous improvements and amenities and we wanted to create a website that showcases all the possibilities for that Special Day!

Susan’s graphic work is wonderful! She “gets it” in oh so many ways: layout, color, timing, and the nearly impossible need for revisions revisions revisions. She is smart, responsive, and detail oriented beyond belief. And critically important, she has a great sense of humor. It is more than a pleasure to be working with CMS on our schedule brochures and web initiatives.

Dr. Joe Piasek
WIOX Community Radio